Nike Air Huarache

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    After the Air Max 90 followed the great success of the Air Max 1 and Air Max Light, Nike created another innovative series in 1991 with the Air Huarache. The core of the Air Huarache is the neoprene sockliner, which then as now impresses with its compact comfort. The inner shoe was integrated into a cage made of leather and plastic, creating an aggressive new look. Characteristic for the Huarache series is that it comes completely without Nike Swoosh and with the exception of the Burst models also without an Air window. If you wanted it even cleaner, you could go for the Air Huarache Light. Especially the Concord colorway has been very popular in the sneaker world for years. In 1992 and 1993, Nike's design icons Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar transformed the successful Huarache concept for basketball (Air Flight Huarache), tennis (Air Tech Challenge Huarache) and cross training (Air Trainer Huarache).