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  • Neu bei Asphaltgold: Palmes Tennis Society


    New at Asphaltgold: Palmes Tennis Society. The young label from Copenhagen launched its first menswear collection last year and is now part of our brand portfolio!

    The brand's roots are easy to recognize from the name and the first glance at the collection: whether on or off the court, Palmes stands for tennis heritage.

    Palmes stands for the approach to renew the classic tennis style, to bring the perhaps somewhat dusty tennis culture over into the present. The balancing act between rather sporty tennis pieces and contemporary street style is achieved by simple, modern cuts, tennis-typical color variations and high-quality materials.

    The current collection contains the entire range of tennis apparel: tennis socks, caps and tennis balls are a must in the collection, as are shorts and matching shirts and polo shirts. More conservative are the Blaze Sports Coat (which is more on the trainer's bench) and classic wool tops, while printed crewnecks and heavy hoodies are part of the collection for wearability.

    Almost all of Palmes' products are made in Europe (Made in Portugal). Care is taken to work with environmentally friendly materials (recycled materials and/or organic quality).

    -> to the collection of Palmes Tennis Society in the Asphaltgold online store

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