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  • Oscar#Worldpeace and Family for Nike Air Jordan 11 *Gratitude*

    Oscar #Worldpeace and Family for Nike Air Jordan 11 *Gratitude*

    When Tinker Hatfield created the “Class Act” in 1995, inspired by premium fashion with patent leather as a design element, he created another innovative and timeless model for Nike's portfolio. Thanks to the high-quality materials and combinable colorways, the silhouette immediately integrates into the cityscape of the nineties. In addition, Michael Jordan exclusively wore the new 11 during the Bulls' iconic 72-10 season and secured the NBA title in 1996. The “11er” celebrated great success on and off the court and shaped streetwear and hip hop style around the globe!

    Samba OG Collection

    Birthplace of Dreams.

    The Nike Air Jordan 11 *Gratitude* with its classic color scheme and golden elements is intended to represent not only drive, but also the feeling of fulfillment, gratitude and self-realization.

    UK rapper Oscar #Worldpeace symbolizes exactly these attributes and embodies this striving for more with his biography. Growing up in the same area of ​​north London as grime stars JME and Skepta, Oscar was surrounded by the frenetic lyricism of that burgeoning scene as well as his Ghanaian and Jamaican grandparents’ reggae records. - his "Birthplace of Dreams" . Through its innovative and cross-genre sound, his music represents limitless possibilities and the tearing down of walls.

    Samba OG Collection

    “I like most about being a dad that I can give and receive unconditional love.”

    Samba OG Collection

    Family Ties

    Oscar's drive is rooted in his love for his family, which manifests itself in a strong feeling of connection through reaching for the stars together. As a family man, these characteristics are also transferred to the development of four-year-old Shine, and his wife Naomi, founder of a streetwear brand, embodies this with her own work as an entrepreneur. We spent a day with the family and spoke to Oscar and Naomi about being parents, their motivation and the influence on Shine. The family's unified understanding of what they want for themselves and Shine guides their path. The shared determination to ambitiously pursue their dreams is reflected in the harmony with which they follow this path.

    Samba OG Collection

    "I want Shine to be free, to know that he can do whatever he wants until the end of his life. The feeling of unrestricted freedom is the most important thing in creativity, and I want him to have that too."

    Samba OG Collection

    Released by Asphaltgold

    The Nike Air Jordan 11 Gratitude will be released by Asphaltgold on December 9th, 2023. FYI: the *Gratitude* is released as a family pack as TD, GS and Adult Sizerun in sizes from EU 16 - 49.5!

    Release: December 9, 2023 | 09:00 (CEST) via Asphaltgold.com , in the Asphaltgold app and instore at Asphaltgold Darmstadt.

    Nike Air Jordan 11 * Gratitude*
    EU 40 – 49.5 / 209€

    Nike Air Jordan 11 *Gratitude* *GS*
    EU 35.5 – 40 / 149€

    Nike Air Jordan 11 *Gratitude* *PS*
    EU 27.5 – 35 / 89€

    Nike Air Jordan 11 *Gratitude* *TD*
    EU 16 – 27 / 69€

    --> To the shoe on Asphaltgold.comSamba OG Collection

    Samba OG Collection

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