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  • Asphaltgold x Saucony Shadow 6000 - Accelerate  Decelerate


    We live in a time in which there is hardly any standstill - we give 100%, hit limits, we accelerate to overcome these limits, go further, give everything again. Faster and faster, not stopping, the breaks are short, the next hurdles are in the way, have to be overcome. And yet: sometimes we have to slow down, stop for a moment, appreciate what we have achieved before we continue. Come down, lean back, pause for a moment, and then accelerate again. This is the only way we can overcome all hurdles and keep moving in the long run.


    *Accelerate Decelerate* - two opposites that attract each other, that cannot function independently of each other - like Yin and Yang.

    In our fast-paced reality, the moment of "Decelerate" is especially important. Our environment takes care of the acceleration almost by itself, which is why we need to focus on consciously decelerating - just for a moment.


    Our upcoming collaboration with Saucony stands for this moment. After all, the brand has stood for fast running shoes for over 40 years, so it has always provided movement and speed. The Shadow 6000, originally released in 1991, was no exception. It was designed as a stable, comfortable yet flexible running shoe with a TPU midsole for the track and found a large following among runners right from the start. Today, it's hard to imagine an everyday lifestyle without it. As a running shoe, it has long been outdated, but the clean look, dynamic aesthetic and comfort have remained, making it one of Saucony's absolute sneaker icons. Perfect for everyday wear and that daily "lean back & breathe" moment. Decelerate!

    -> To the Saucony x Asphaltgold Shadow 6000 at Asphaltgold in the online shop


    The brand was founded back in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The small town is located on the Saucon River, which not only gave the brand its name, but also influenced its visual language. The Waves logo clearly takes its inspiration from the constant wave motion of the river water. For more than 40 years (and to this day), Saucony has been one of the world's leading running brands.


    The Shadow 6000 comes in a classic material variant with lots of suede and extra chunky mesh, paired with silver side panels in a wave shape. Small special features: for the very first time, the mudguard of the Shadow 6000 is adorned with an embroidered mini wave! There's also a gauzy synthetic overlay on the side and tongue that almost translucently lets the coarse mesh show through!

    The color mix of the shoe is - in keeping with the theme - restrained yet coherent, light gray & off-white meets white and olive, plus details in silver, gray and the Wave logo in black.


    About the release: the Asphaltgold x Saucony Shadow 6000 will be available at Asphaltgold from 10/14/2023 - online and instore.

    Additionally, there will be a release event at our store in Darmstadt. Music by Ecuador Indio and free drinks by Fritz Cola and Peroni will make for an exuberant release atmosphere. Come by!

    Release: 14.10. | 18:00 (CEST) via Asphaltgold.com & instore at 11:00 (CEST) in our store in Darmstadt - Ludwigstraße 8a

    -> To the Saucony x Asphaltgold Shadow 6000 at Asphaltgold in the Onlineshop

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