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    From casual to wild: New Balance Offers various sneaker models that impress with their sporty silhouette and wide sole. Thereby, the retro kicks with the iconic "N" on the side present themselves in different color combinations and styles. Asphaltgold keeps you up to date with the latest drops and releases and gives you the choice in the online store: 530, 990 or 1000? Discover the diversity of New Balance's trainer range and sign up for the next Raffle!

    New Balance - the history of the sneaker brand

    Tradition meets current styles: The sneaker brand New Balance looks back on a long history. Already in 1906, the company was founded by shoemaker William Riley in Boston. Initially still as a store for orthopedic shoe insoles, followed in the 60s also sports shoes and clothing for running, baseball and Co. The beginning was made by the Trackster in 1961, a running shoe with wave-shaped outsole.
    To this day, New Balance's focus is on the performance of the wearer, who not only gets a secure footing with the right shoe, but also a comfortable running feeling - both in sports and in everyday life. This potential was also seen by Jim Davis, who took over the company in the 70s and made it what it is today: one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world.
    In the meantime, New Balance offers not only sporty women's or men's shoes, but also functional clothing and apparel that fits perfectly with casual street style. But especially the iconic retro sneakers of the American brand trigger a real hype. And we'll tell you why.


    New Balance sneakers - the icons of the 80s

    New Balance sneakers are hottest than ever. One drop follows the next. Whether it's models in simple colorways or kicks with wild color combinations - if you don't have any shoes from the Boston brand on your shelf yet, then you're missing out. The hype around the Kicks is mainly due to the dad sneaker trend. For a long time, the shoes with the high quality were worn almost exclusively by family men and were considered "boring" because of their rough shape. Today, this look is exactly the purpose of the Ugly shoe trend.
    The sneakers from New Balance focus on the classic retro look, combined with innovative running technology and a high-quality finish - Made in USA & UK. Therefore, the kicks are not only casual in design, but also comfortable on the foot thanks to the optimal fit. Unlike many other manufacturers who offer "trendy" men's and women's shoes for sale, the brand does not name its shoe models after athletes, artists and the like, but identifies them with a number combination. Whether New Balance 574, 997 or 1500 - we'll tell you which kicks you should definitely have heard of.

    New Balance 574 - The classic

    The trainer with the number 574 is probably the New Balance sneaker par excellence. As early as 1988, the signature shoe of the American brand was released as a running shoe - although today it is actually only worn as a casual sneaker. And for good reason: thanks to the ENCAP midsole and the lightweight EVA foam cushioning, the Hybrid is Sneaker is extremely comfortable and suitable for both street and off-road use.
    Whether in subtle shades of beige and gray or wild color combinations with neon pink details, the 574 scores with a mix of materials including suede, mesh and leather - whether as a Women's sneaker or men's shoe. The large sewn-on "N", which often contrasts with the upper in color, is unmistakable. The 574 is a true legend among sneakers, successfully combining the old and the new. The result is a striking shoe that comes with robust materials, a high-quality finish and thanks to a wide variety of collabs in nice colorways.

    The New Balance 99X series - the darling of the stars

    "Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio": The 99X series embodies the dad sneaker look like hardly any other model series. The foundation stone was laid back in 1982. New Balance 990 And since then, the success seems unbroken, because the Retro has been released in five versions to date. The successful combination of high comfort, perfect fit on the foot and stylish silhouette may be responsible for this.
    The New Balance 991 and the 992 both score with a slightly chunkier shape and subtle colorways that match the stylish silhouette. The durability of the sneaker can be seen - and felt, thanks to the high-quality materials leather and mesh. Uncomfortable, "trendy" men's and women's shoes can really pack it in with so much comfort.
    In contrast to the Iconic 990, the 997 is slimmer and less rugged. The new generation of the cult sneaker stands out from other kicks thanks to bright colors and accents as well as a stylish silhouette. This is due in no small part to the many details that give the heritage model a new look: a mix of natural leather and colored mesh, cool patterns and unusual inclusions - this kick definitely lives up to its heritage.

    The 1500 series from New Balance - Sneaker Made in UK

    Dropped back in 1989, the 1500 silhouette is one of the most popular New Balance sneakers ever. The casual model marks the intersection of comfort and style. The premium materials of the "Made in UK" icon ensure this: an upper made of mesh and suede makes the Kick a daily driver that goes with any outfit.
    The model's simple color design in gray, white and black underscores the minimalist look, which gets a breath of fresh air every now and then thanks to numerous collabs. The classic 80s construction hints at the sneaker's past - as the 1500 was originally worn as a running and basketball shoe. Nicer sidefact: the Steven Smith-designed trainer was the brand's first running shoe to crack the 100-pound mark in terms of price. It's not for nothing that the shoe is called the "Rolls Royce" of sneakers.

    Why New Balance kicks are trending

    From 80s with love: Currently, New Balance is wowing us with numerous other models that perfectly convey the 80s vibe thanks to their iconic silhouette. Just to name a few names: New Balance 550, New Balance 530 or the New Balance 2002. With their thick soles and chunky shape, the retros perfectly meet the current zeitgeist around the dad sneaker trend.
    Whatever the purpose: the New Balance 530 is convincing for sports as well as for casual everyday wear. Shiny overlays and a mesh upper make the sports shoe the perfect companion in warmer temperatures. The numerous colorways also bring color into your shoe closet. The New Balance 550 also exudes vintage vibes - which is not least due to the slightly yellowed midsole and the special look of the tongue, heel and logo.


    New Balance Sneaker - the casual cult kick

    New Balance sneakers are the hottest trainers of recent years. From New Balance 327 to 2002: One Raffle chases the next. There are numerous releases and new collabs with famous designers and artists. Starting with the Trackster, the American brand's product variety has expanded greatly - hitting the current dad sneaker trend with chunky retros.
    You want to buy sneakers that are not only comfortable, but also up to date? In Asphaltgold's online store you can check out the variety of New Balance sneakers for yourself. In addition to women's and men's sneakers Men's sneaker with comfortable outsoles and stylish color combinations, you can also find numerous offers and Raffles which you can sign up for online. And you'll also find the right clothing to go with your new shoes in the best New Balance quality.