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  • Die besten Sommer-Sneaker 2023


    Summertime is finally here! And directly noticeable for all of us: outside it is already milder and also the days are getting longer and brighter again! Synchronized with the weather change, we leave the thick winter jackets and scarves in the closet and start to dress more summery again. What should not be missing in addition to this? The right summer footwear!

    If our lined and padded sneakers have brought us well through the winter, they bring us in the summer but only sweaty feet. Even the one or other full leather shoe may now rather leave out of its rotation and reach for a model with breath-activated materials such as mesh or canvas. After all, summer also means that the days stay mostly dry and you are largely spared from rain (or at least snow).

    So that you can also prepare thoroughly for the warm season, we have recommendations for you in this blog on the best summer sneakersWe have also compiled a top 10 ranking with various brands. We hope this will make your buying decisions easier!

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    weißer New Balance Sneaker aus Mesh


    Basically we are of the opinion that all sneakers are unisex and every colorway and model can be worn by both men and women, even if the size distribution does not always fit every foot. Therefore, we do not want to go into great detail here about the best summer sneakers for men and women Divide, but make a list for all genders. Wear the sneakers you like!

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    Virtually every year a trend that has stood the test of time, and that you almost associate with spring and summer are with bright or white sneakers! Now that it is bright and dry again, this is of course reflected in our choice of shoes. If it was too wet and dirty for a long time, we can now again with a clear conscience reach for white and thus rather dirt-prone shoes - the weather makes it possible! White sneakers are of course available in all possible variations and materials as well as from numerous brands. From white full leather Nike Air Force to the light canvas Converse Chuck Taylor All Star to the classic Reebok Club C there are no limits to your imagination.

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    weißer adidas Superstar Sneaker

    weißer Reebok Sneaker
    weißer Reebok Sneaker

    weißer Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker aus Leder


    Although one would Slides Mules and Co. would not initially be counted among the classic "sneaker" models, but the last few years have shown that they have been able to establish themselves absolutely in terms of streetwear. Already for several seasons, they are no longer imaginable without and have more than deserved a mention in this article. Whether completely open, half-open, chunky or filigree, sporty or techy - no one has to commit to one style. In addition to the well-known Adilette from adidas, which comes across as rather sporty, our collection also includes, for example, the classic and cozy models from Birkenstock. The fact that the slide can't be fooled in the meantime also in the matter of fashion, demonstrates us above all Crocs or the chunky slides by Axel Arigato. No matter which brand or which model, you can't get through the summer more comfortable and breathable!

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    weiße adidas Adilette mit rosa Details

    schwarze Slide von Axel Arigato
    weiße und cremefarbene Slides von Axel Arigato

    Birkenstock Boston und Naples Slides

    grüne Axel Arigato Slide


    From high-top to low-top! The higher the temperatures rise, the less fabric we naturally want on our ankles. That's why we're banishing our high-top silhouettes from the winter to the closet and making room for flat summer sneakers made of airy materials, so we can finally feel light on our feet again. We're in the best position in this category, too. In addition to current Terrace trends like the adidas Samba or Gazelleyou will also find more classic low-top styles from brands like Vans, Converse or Reebok.

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    blauer adidas Terrace Sneaker

    bunter Sneaker von Vans

    grüner adidas Gazelle Sneaker
    türkiser adidas Gazelle Sneaker


    In terms of materials and appearance, perhaps not always ideal for the summer, but nevertheless as a trend sneaker still not to deny are the so-called outdoor sneakers! Brands like or Hoka One One act here of course as absolute pioneers, but also for example ROA Hiking, which we have only recently in the assortment, equip us here super stylish for the summer. Nike ACG provides us with models such as the Nike ACG Mountain Fly 2 Low, which also provides an airy and light feel through breathable textile uppers. Most of the other running or hiking silhouettes in this category also impress with their light and comfortable textile uppers and are therefore an absolute must-have for us for the summer!

    -> Here you can find all outdoor sneakers in our online store

    weißer Salomon XT-Slate

    Roa Hiking Sneaker
    Roa Hiking Sneaker

    grüner Salomon XT-4 Sneaker


    A staple of every season for several years now: the Millennial Runner or Dad sneaker. While you can honestly see them all year round, they are particularly suitable for summer thanks to their running aesthetic and the clever combination of lightweight materials such as coarse- to fine-pored mesh and soft rubber. Special recommendations from this category include the Nike Zoom Vomero 5 or also the New Balance 530 - Both silhouettes are now available in many different colorways, they fall into the mid-price segment and are also really comfortable! But of course you can find many more brands and models in our store.

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    weiß silberner New Balance Millennial Runner

    Mizuno Wave Rider Millennial Runner
    Mizuno Wave Rider Millennial Runner

    Nike Zoom Vomero in silber und grau


    Finally, we have once again created a top 10 ranking of our all-time favorite summer sneaker models. The listed models impress with functionality and comfort, as well as (brand) diversity. We are sure: there is something for everyone!

    1. adidas Adilette

    2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star '70 Hi

    3. New Balance MR530

    4. adidas Samba

    5. birkenstock boston

    6. nike Zom Vomero 5

    7. adidas Gazelle

    8. salomon XT-6

    9. vans old skool

    10. nike air force 1 '07

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    If at the end of the summer you feel you've worn your favorite summer sneakers a little too often, the products from Jason Markk products will help you to make your shoes fresh again at any time! In addition to various shoe cleaners, which can be used depending on the material of the shoe, we now also have the Moso Inserts in our range, which help you to remove odors from your shoes. Just give it a try!

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    Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaning  Set

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