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  • Anti-Rassismus statt Profit: Asphaltgold setzt starkes Statement am Black Friday


    We all walk the same earth: on Black Friday 2020, Asphaltgold chose to make a strong anti-racist statement rather than strong sales. Around the world, Black Friday is the day of immoderate consumption fueled by promises of bargains and discounts. We made a conscious decision to encourage thought, not shopping, on Black Friday 2020!

    During Black Friday on November 27, Asphaltgold opted for the opposite of discount madness: our online store was closed in its form; the hand-picked assortment of sneakers and apparel was not offered that day. Instead, the only thing available both online and in our store at Ludwigsplatz was a t-shirt that makes an anti-racism statement to raise awareness for togetherness on this planet. Because as it says on our t-shirt: we all walk the same earth. Both the public and the press received the campaign with enthusiasm. Besides many reposts on social media, publications like the Vogue, Esquire magazine, the Darmstädter Echo and the Textilwirtschaft reported about the campaign.


    100 percent of the proceeds were donated to the Foundation for the International Weeks against Racism. The foundation plans and coordinates the annual UN Weeks against Racism in Germany and promotes projects to overcome racism and exclusion.

    "2020 is no ordinary year, that's why we decided to take an unusual step," explains Asphaltgold CEO Dani. "We want to use the momentum of this day to take a clear anti-racist stance. The recent incidents in America, but also the attack in Hanau, a neighboring town of ours, have once again moved us to take a clear stand."

    Instead of spending the whole day shopping, it was time to pause and reflect on the state of our world. About the structural racism that is a problem in Germany, too. And about the fact that it takes all of us to initiate change. With our Black Friday campaign on November 27th, we deliberately chose to forego one of the highest selling days of the year in order to draw attention to more important issues.

    You want to dive deeper into the subject? We've compiled a list of various book, movie, and series tips that will give you a deeper look into the topic of racism from different perspectives.

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