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  • Neu bei Asphaltgold: Powers Supply!

    Welcome to Asphaltgold,
    Powers Supply!

    As a graphic designer and multimedia artist with work experience for brands like Supreme, Nike or Stüssy, Eric Elms already had the best prerequisites to found his own brand. The fact that he spent his life in the cosmopolitan cities of Los Angeles and New York and thus was inevitably intensively confronted with fashion almost demanded it. And yet, in an interview with paradeworld.com, the jack-of-all-trades claims that his apparel label Powers Supply was born rather by chance from a few loose ideas. All the more surprising, then, that a large fanbase quickly grew up around the streetwear brand. The list of selected retailers that distribute Powers Supply, which now includes Asphaltgold, proves the rapid rise.

    ⟶ check out Powers Supply in our online shop

    The fact that he didn't even want to give it a name at first underscores Elm's likeable laissez-faire attitude without much of a master plan behind it. Worried that people would arbitrarily come up with unwanted names for his project, Elms decided to finally take action. "My studio at the time was on Powers Street, so it became Powers Supply", Elms explains.

    Opposites as inspiration

    Simple, but good. Just as with the naming, it's the same with the design approach. The motifs on Powers Supply's pieces usually consist of a few words or reduced graphics, but they still catch the eye. Elms draws inspiration primarily from graphic designer friends, where he is particularly impressed by the synergy of different styles. "I gravitate towards artists who push and pull between abstract and really graphic," Elms describes his fascination.

    We are pleased to bring you Powers Supply's Fall/Winter 21 collection, available now. The T-shirts and caps defy the onset of winter with bold red, yellow and blue hues. Check out the collection for yourself. Welcome to Asphaltgold, Powers Supply!

    ⟶ check out Powers Supply in our online shop

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