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    Recurring trends are an integral part of our pop culture these days and the reinterpretation of these is noticeably manifested in current music and fashion. As much as trends arise organically, collective re-emergence is also natural - difficult if not impossible to predict.

    The masses decide for themselves and brands that offer the necessary selection have a good chance of dominating: Tinker Hatfield's highly productive phase at Nike in the 80s and 90s delivered designs that would in the past and are today still consistently dominating. The past sneaker years were characterized by the resurgence of well-known Jordan silhouettes, which could be effortlessly paired with contemporary streetwear trends, demonstrating their timelessness. Fashion trends are constantly changing and although Nike delivers new variations and colorways, it is up to each generation how they adopt and combine these designs. Shaped by the impressions of their time, past styles were influenced by legendary Jordan performances on the court, hood comedy films and 2000s hip-hop.

    Samba OG Collection

    Gen-Z thrives on redefining aesthetics of the past

    Hardly any other generation is as committed to reinterpreting the past as Gen-Z and they continually demonstrate this ability. Their influences are a changing sense of social boundaries and the rejection of excess, which is expressed in the recycling of fashion. This, coupled with a newfound proximity to high fashion brands, led to a visible love for vintage designer pieces. These particularly shape the outfits of young women and their ability to style these cross-genre pieces, defines the current look of Gen-Z.

    Samba OG Collection
    Samba OG Collection


    With the Air Jordan 4 *Bred Reimagined*, Nike once again delivers a legendary OG colorway and with it once again the challenge of combining this timeless Jordan classic with current trends. Together with content creator Josi, we set ourselves the goal of rethinking the silhouette and presenting it in a new context. With her sensitivity for rounding off sporty key pieces with feminine high fashion pieces, she brings the necessary unconventional approach for the AJ4 Bred.

    Samba OG Collection

    For you by us

    We consciously avoided AJ4-typical style elements such as cargo pants and sweatpants and worked with new approaches that correspond to both Josi's and our aesthetics. The result is four completely different outfits for you by us.

    Samba OG Collection
    Samba OG Collection
    Samba OG Collection
    Samba OG Collection

    Released by Asphaltgold

    Check out Josi's style inspo for the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro *Bred Reimagined* and be inspired by the result of our collaboration.

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    Samba OG Collection
    Samba OG Collection