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  • adidas Samba – Wahrzeichen der Terrace Culture

    adidas Samba - the landmark of the Terrace Culture

    The well-known sneakers with low profile, gum sole and the classic three stripes are currently seen almost everywhere. No matter whether Samba or Gazelle - at least onee of the two iconic adidas silhouettes is is (again?) in every sneaker collection sneaker collection can be found.

    Conceived for soccer

    The Samba was developed by adidas founder Adi Dassler himself specifically for football. Teams in Europe needed a shoe with a sole that offered optimal traction even on icy soccer fields and indoors. And that's exactly what the silhouette did with its innovative rubber sole, which still enjoys great popularity in various indoor sports today. The Samba has never lost its appeal.

    And how did the name "Samba" come about?

    With the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil shortly after the silhouette's release, adidas saw the perfect opportunity to market the shoe around the world. The problem was that the sneaker was born in cold Europe and, until now, had only been shown there. In order to give soccer fans in Brazil the silhouette schmack the silhouette to soccer fans in Brazil, a new idea was needed. And so the name "Samba" was born. Edit: adidas itself claims it was journalists describing the play style of football players wearing the shoes as samba-like that named the shoes...

    Terrace Culture

    That itself silhouette has become a sneaker icon. sneaker icon, was however not to the World Cup in Brazil, famous soccer players or other public figures, but is is solely the casual subculture to owe. British soccer fans on the terraces (stands) quickly took a liking to the simple look of the samba. Among the so-called casuals, who emerged in the UK at the end of the 70s, the Samba quickly became part of their dress code. With it adidas silhouettes like the Samba, the Gazelle and other City & Island series models quickly became staples: the casual trainer was born! Until today, adidas is THE brand when it comes to Terrace Culture.

    Modern Times - loud and quiet in unison

    The shoe, whose origins lie in lively soccer matches, has developed far away from the stands has become a trend that unites people of all ages and nationalities - loud in the stadium, quiet beyond the stands, everytime in unison. About Terrace Culture in the UK, the shoe has found its way into other subcultures and scenes, and has been thanks to variousr musiciansen and films, it also became big in pop culture. In recent decades, the samba has seen many subcultures and youth cultures, from punk to grunge to skating: the Samba has always prevailed among young wearers and is 2022/23 en vogue as ever, the absolute go-to sneaker for many. Rightly so, we think!

    Shop now

    Designed for sports, grown on the stands, shaped by the subculture and loved by people all over the world: the adidas classics are long since outlived their original role as sports shoe outgrown and are now back in their original color variations.

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