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    Hardly any other sneaker brand can look back on such a long company history as Converse. In over 100 years, numerous sneakers were created that we now call classics. One of them is the Converse One Star. First released in 1974, the One Star, like the Chuck Taylor All Star, was originally designed for the basketball court, but quickly became a rising star in the skate scene. It was especially popular with the original Realease thanks to its rugged suede upper and vulcanized midsole. These provided both on the court, as well as on the board, for particularly good grip. It's no secret that the skater scene has always set fashion trends and strongly influenced the sneaker scene. This is also the case with the One Star. As the shoe became more and more popular in the skater scene, it gradually found its way into other subcultures. In the 90s, for example, it became one of the favorite sneakers of grunge legend Kurt Cobain. Today, however, the shoe is especially popular as a casual sneaker. The One Star is a minimalist all-round talent with retro flair and is perfect as an everyday shoe. In terms of cushioning, the shoe got an update in 2017, which means it won't let you down even after several hours of wear. Thanks to its new damping, the shoe performs even better on the board than it did back then. On the outside, the shoe has hardly changed and remains true to the original. A robust upper made of suede meets a vulcanized midsole with the typical Converse foxing. The classic Converse patch on the heel is complemented by the prominently placed star on the side of the shoe. Not only on the skateboard or the court does the One Star cut a fine figure. Thanks to its numerous variations and colourways, the shoe can be easily combined. As a versatile all-rounder, the Converse One Star is a first-class addition to any well-stocked shoe wardrobe.