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    Copenhagen, of course. Where else should a young, up-and-coming ready-to-wear brand currently have its base, you might ask. And yet 7 Days Active clearly stands out from the mass of sought-after labels that have settled in the Danish capital. Above all, the sportswear brand stands out for its thoroughly coherent concept, which extends from the name to the purpose to the way it works. Functional pieces with a fashionable twist for an active lifestyle.

    Singh is the founder and creative director of 7 Days Active. He has gained a lot of experience in the fashion industry in various capacities. Up until the 90's as a model, then through his former PR agency Staple. Most recently he co-founded Halo, an offshoot of the running brand Newline, which was also his introduction to designing functional sportswear. Being active and playing sports - especially basketball - has been with Singh since he was a kid: "7 Days Active is based on my style and my story. It's no secret that I lived in an orphanage for 17 years. It's not about textbooks, it's about being active. And through that, I've tried a lot of different things that have to do with an active outdoor life."

    Singh has applied his knowledge from basketball to the profession, "When I started 7 Days Active, I wanted to build a basketball team with the different roles that comes with it. There's a coach, a good defender and a good player. In practice, they're the equivalent of a good accountant and a good buyer. It's no good having just one superstar in attack, because then the goals will come from the other side. You need good people in all positions and they have to work together as a team."

    Singh shares the "coaching job" with Anders Degn, the brand's CEO. When Sing approached his buddy Degn in 2019 with a few loose sketches, both had only about 5,000€ in their pockets to make the project happen. But faith in success carried the two. "He was the right guy," Singh says of Degn. "He can do everything I can't - and that's why we were a good fit from the beginning. Anders is an insanely structured guy, he's in control of everything that has to do with management and operations. He knows how to do a proper contract, how to set up our business, and how to set up systems so we buy the right way. Things I'm not very good at myself."