US 10 = US 10? Not necessarily. Although same in size, each sneaker model fits differently. Even if they are from the same brand, sizes vary hugely depending on the particular style. People who shop online are all too aware that they might end up having to return their new prized possession. That’s why we’ve designed an app that reveals the sneaker’s “true size.” Asphaltgold Fittingroom allows users to effectively try on sneakers digitally.

Enter the data of your reference sneaker 1. Check size and model of your best fitting sneaker.

Enter the data of your reference sneaker. 2. Enter the data of your reference sneaker.

Enter the data of your desired sneaker. 3. Enter the data of your desired sneaker.

Get your personal recommendation. 4. Get your personal recommendation.

Users select a model that fits them perfectly from the extensive database, which compromises over 1000 stored models. In doing so, it makes no difference whether it’s an older model or a brand-new model. The selection is merely a reference for the database. Next, the user selects a pair of sneakers he or she wants to call their own. Based on the models in the digital shoe cabinet, the app will recommend the right size for the object of desire. For example, if you own a pair of Nike Air Max 1 size 10, the app will let you know that you’ll want to go with size 9 for those new Nike Flyknit Roshe Runs.

  • our service is for free
  • the app is programmed in German and English
  • it’s available for iOS (iPhone) and Android (Google Play)
  • when new sneakers will be released they’ll be added to the database automatically
  • the app is also usable when you’re offline