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    Here we are again - finally with a new edition of RETRO RECALL! What is it all about? It's about really nice shoes, of course. In RETRO RECALL, Asphaltgold's CEO Dani presents a sneaker that was released some time ago and unfortunately has not yet received a retro version.

    That's also the case with the New balance 1225, which was originally released in 2010 as a "top of the line" stability running shoe. Not that long ago, you might think, but by now it's been 12 years.

    At that time, the 1225 was an absolute showpiece - just to list the installed technology takes a while: Abzorb, STABILITY WEB, N-Lock and N-Ergy are just a few of the technology systems installed by the American brand. The shoe is insanely well cushioned and comfortable on the foot!

    But (from our point of view probably at least as important): it also looks absolutely top and fits perfectly into the current New Balance release calendar. (Late) Millenial Runners are still trending and the 1225 is in no way inferior to the currently available range.

    So, listen up New Balance: here's our call, bring the 1225 back on the streets! The sooner, the better!

    Check out our Youtube-Channel if you have a heart for retro & vintage sneakers. You can find all our RETRO RECALLS and many more videos in our channel: remember to subscribe so you won't miss any more episodes!

    Fancy a New Balance? Here you can find the New Balance selection at Asphaltgold!

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