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    Form Follows Function. A statement known from Bauhaus, but still valid today when it comes to functional products. Especially in winter. The latest Asphaltgold editorial focusses on Salomon and GORE-TEX - a perfect match for this kind of weather.

    While the sneakers from French brand Salomon, which has its roots in the outdoor market, have been an integral part of lifestyle for years, GORE-TEX brand has made a big leap in lifestyle and fashion since the Gorpcore hype at the latest. Utility wear is no longer limited to pure performance products and our parents' hiking trips, but has firmly established itself in the fashion capitals and the streetwear scene.

    With the current Salomon XT-6 GTX, both brands come together again and prove that innovative technology and a cool look absolutely complement each other.

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    Gore-Tex and Salomon

    The Gore-Tex technology

    But what is GORE-TEX anyway? The brand is named after its own patented technology and comes from the company WL GORE & Associates , which the Gore couple founded in 1959. Over the years and with the help of intensive research, her son developed the GORE-TEX membrane, which was used in products for the first time in 1976.

    The membrane in question is characterized by being waterproof and windproof. Thanks to its unique and ultra-thin structure, it is also breathable. This means: Products that are equipped with GORE-TEX technology ensure that you are protected from wind and rain, but you still don't get too warm, as the many small pores in the membrane guarantee breathability. Despite its light weight, GORE-TEX is very durable and long-lasting. This unique combination of everything forms the cornerstone of the brand's success. Nowadays, GORE-TEX is used in jackets, pants, accessories and shoes - in sports and lifestyle.   

    Gore-Tex and Salomon

    What Salomon and GORE-TEX have in common is the versatility of the two brands. Sneakers from Salomon have long since become an integral part of streetwear and fashion, but at the same time they still play a major role in the outdoor context. And GORE-TEX products have also been part of the streetwear cosmos for a long time and form the basis for the most versatile products, whether shoes or apparel.

    What is clearly proven: Form follows function does not mean that you have to do without style.

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    Gore-Tex and Salomon