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  • asphaltgold x Kangaroos Omnirun *Katz & Mouse*

    asphaltgold x Kangaroos Omnirun Cat & Mouse

    asphaltgold and Kangaroos have come together to bequeath something new to the sneaker community! As is often the case when it comes to sneakers, the impetus for this project was the discussion about the shape of a sneaker. Besides the upper materials, the soles are responsible for the shoe shape. asphaltgold has always been a big fan of the Kangaroos sole, which already adorned classics like the Future (1990) or the Ultimate (1992). The continuation of the sole on the Runaway Roos gave the sneaker store from Darmstadt the idea to create a new silhouette based on this base. Thus, a hybrid model was created, which combines the Runaway sole with the Omnicoil upper and from now on bears the name Kangaroos Omnirun. The new silhouette is particularly impressive with its wedge-shaped shape and should cause a stir, especially among sneaker enthusiasts.

    It was quickly decided that the Omnirun should be produced in the proven "Made in Germany" tradition. The shoemakers from Pirmasens have already proven several times in the past that they can implement interesting projects in premium quality. The novelty of producing a hybrid model in Germany for the first time was also mastered with flying colors. asphaltgold and the cat logo have stood for sneaker passion since 2008. So it was only a logical consequence that they would choose this symbol of their own passion as a hook for the collabo with Kangaroos. The cat has many parallels to today's sneakerheads. It feels most comfortable in urban environments and its cool appearance enriches our streets. Just as every sneaker freak has its competition in the form of resellers, fellow bidders and campers, the cat must also contend with its natural adversary - the mouse. The idea of the Katz & Mouse Pack was born: a new silhouette in two variations, hunter and hunted, yin and yang, one collabo, two releases. First, lovers could look forward to the *Katz* release on 02 .April 2016. Inspired by the Bombay breed, the colorway is oriented to the black short hair coat and the rarely occurring, green eyes. With the *Mouse*, the eternal adversary will enter the ring on May 07, 2016 and ask for attention with the typical colorway *grey / rose*. Both drops impress with buttery soft suede and perforated nubuck. Insole and lining made of calf leather provide a pleasant foot climate - the roughened anti-slip heel for good grip. Each of the 100 pairs has an individual serial number, which is stamped on the side panel. In addition to classic flat laces, two Ropelaces are included in a special packaging.

    Release #1: *Katz*

    - Made in Germany - Limited to 100 pairs worldwide - Price: 250€ - Instore first: 02.04.2016, (6pm CEST), 18:00h - Remaining pairs online 02.04.2016 (7:30 pm CEST), 19:30h

    Release #2: *Mouse*.

    • Made in Germany
    • Upper: suede leather | perforated nubuck | rose colored details (smooth leather)
    • Insole and lining: rose colored calf leather
    • Limited to 100 pairs worldwide
    • Price: 250€
    • Instore first: 07.05.2016, (6 pm CEST), 18:00 o'clock
    • Remaining pairs online: 07.05.2016, (7:30 pm CEST), 7:30 pm

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