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    (from 19.04.24 at 12 PM)

    For generations, the adidas brand has been a key player in the world of football, shaping the sport and establishing itself as a supplier to the most important national teams, clubs and players.

    After the successful adidas Consortium Cup last year, adidas is launching the EURO Style Cup on April 19, 2024, just in time for the European Championships at home. A competition in which sneaker and streetwear retailers from across Europe can incorporate their individual view of football culture into the design of a jersey and compete in creative competition.


    Iconic hairstyles in the style of Beckham, eye-catching jewelry accessories of Brazilian legends and the “Joga Bonito” spirit on the pitch embodied the timeless elegance of those football stars and continue to shape our approach to the sport to this day.

    Every aspect of our jersey is an ode to those glory days of football. Inspired by the era when video games like FIFA Street and songs like Peter Bjorn & John's Young Folks made our hearts beat faster, our jersey celebrates the carefree youth culture of the early 2000s. With a clean design and modern style elements, our jersey retains a certain retro touch and skilfully combines the world of football with urban flair. From the carefully chosen color scheme to our club crest featuring the rose, which is inspired by traditional Premier League clubs, every detail is an expression of our connection and passion for the game.

    Our jersey has a statement and represents more than just a piece of fabric - it is the living echo of the fan choirs, the unmistakable sounds of the FIFA soundtracks of our childhood and a 2006 World Cup in our own country. Under the motto "Connecting Players" we are bringing back this nostalgia - intense, shared moments in front of the Playstation, on the football pitch or at public viewings when your own national team has just scored the next goal.


    Check out our campaign video here!


    In this tournament, 8 German and 8 other European retailers compete in a classic round of 16 tournament tree.

    Each participant presents their individual jersey design and relies on the support of their own community to collect votes for their progress via the adidas Confirmed app. The finalists compete against each other in a street football match in Berlin, where they can show off their jersey concepts in the battle for first place - at the end, only the jersey of the two finalists will be produced by adidas and will go on sale.

    Your vote counts: Bring the vibes of the football 2000s back to the streets with us and vote for our jersey in the adidas Confirmed app !

    “To all players out there, thanks for your support!”

    Download the adidas Confirmed App via Apple Store

    Download the adidas Confirmed App via Google Play

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