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  • Motivated by Love - Black Friday 2023

    Motivated by Love.

    With this message in our hearts, we at Asphaltgold are also using Black Friday once again to draw our community's attention to more important topics than just consumption. After being able to donate over €50,000 to anti-racist aid organizations over the last three years with our “We all walk the same earth.” campaign through t-shirt sales and partial donations of orders, we want to continue our mission in 2023. With the claim “Motivated by Love.” our goal is to position ourselves clearly against racism and all other forms of oppression and discrimination while doing good at the same time.

    Instead of focusing on what seperates us from each other, we would like to focus on what connects us:  humanity, cohesion and joy of life.

    This year's adapted claim “We all dance the same earth.” we are focusing on dancing as a way of expressing ourselves, communicating and connecting with one another. Because it is clear that dancing connects us all - no matter how old we are, where we come from and what different backgrounds we may have. The versatility of dancing gives us the opportunity to express our individuality and various cultural influences while at the same time leading to a dynamic in the group that creates cohesion and a larger whole.


    Black Friday 2023 bei Asphaltgold

    We have adapted this message and translated it into three different T-shirt designs, which will be available in our in-store and online shop on Black Friday, November 24th, 2023 . Our claim “Motivated by Love.” adorns a black cap, which is also part of this year’s collection. As in previous years, all proceeds from the products will be donated to the European Network Against Racism.

    --> Find the Black Friday Charity collection here.

    Our successful fundraising campaigns over the last three years would not have been possible without you as a supporting community. That's why we would like to celebrate the motto “We all dance the same earth.” with you and say a big thank you.

    In-store event & charity party

    We invite you to music & drinks in our Darmstadt store on November 24th, 2023 from 6 p.m. and continue the party at LaLucha Darmstadt from 10 p.m. to dance with us - Motivated by Love. Cuanto, Maren, lathivha and pantera will provide the right musical vibes. Admission will cost €5 - these proceeds will also be donated to the European Network Against Racism.

    If you would like to pick up book, film or series tips on the topic of anti-racism, you can read our recommendations, which we have put together in collaboration with the European Network Against Racism .

    -> To the book and film recommendations