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    Instead of trying to convince everybody, we start with ourselves. Under this claim Veja produces since 2005 fashionable sneakers with one goal: to make the manufacture, components and production chains of the iconic shoe more sustainable. The plan worked: In the meantime, Veja has become one of the most popular sneaker brands worldwide - with stylish colorways for everyday outfits. Want to get into it? Then find the best Veja sneakers for men and women in the Asphaltgold online store.

    French idea, Brazilian know-how: The Sneaker Story of Veja

    A bro-mance with success: In the early 2000s, the two buddies from France Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion dealt with global consumer behavior. The Frenchmen's insight: We have to change something. The manufacture of products must become more sustainable, and working conditions must be fair. So Kopp and Morillion took on this task themselves: As true 90s kids, they decided to rethink the legendary sneaker - after all, it is "the most symbolic object of our generation."

    Inspired by the Fairtrade Mindset, the journey began: What materials does a sneaker consist of? How can the components be sourced in an environmentally friendly way? And how can the manufacturing process be made sustainable? These questions led the two Frenchmen to Brazil. There they find all the raw materials a stylish shoe needs - natural rubber for the sole, organic cotton for the canvas upper, production facilities with regulated wages and working hours. The first Veja sneaker dropped in 2005. The name is the brand's sustainability mission statement. Because "veja" means "look" in Portuguese: Pay attention to the environment, pay attention to your behavior.

    How to: Sustainable sneakers - materials from Veja

    For Veja shoes, sustainable raw materials are the essentials of all. A key element of the sneaker brand is natural rubber: the material is extracted from rubber trees in the Amazon without having to cut them down - which protects the rainforest. Organic cotton is also used in Veja sneakers, which is grown directly for the brand. This way, the farmers already know how much they earn from the crop before planting it. For the leather sneakers, Veja makes sure not to use any harmful substances in the tanning process.

    A special innovation from Veja is the B-Mesh: recycled plastic bottles are used here to produce breathable polyester - which becomes an absolute eye-catcher as a sneaker upper. Keyword design: The colorways of Veja often show themselves in simple and stylish variants. The base is usually formed by bright upper materials. Thus, the kicks fit the most diverse outfits and have a guaranteed daily driver potential.

    But how does Veja keep its retail prices with the more elaborate production? The trick: the brand does without advertising. Normally, ads and communications make up 70 percent of a sneaker's price. Instead, Veja uses this money for the sneaker itself to maintain its sustainability standards - for materials, production processes and working conditions.

    Veja Leather
    Veja Campo Chromefree Leather W Extra White Almond
    Veja V 10 B Mesh White Natural Pierre

    The Variety of Veja: Models for Fresh Fits

    Veja's designs showcase the spirit of the sneaker company: low-key looks with stylish flair that round out any outfit - from a suit for Casual Friday to a sexy miniskirt-sneaker combo. Get an overview of the latest Veja shoes from us:

      • Veja V-10: Oldschool vibes in perfection. This Veja 10-Year-Anniversary model brings back the feel of the 90s.
      • Veja Campo: Classic style with a sporty silhouette. The perfect all-rounder with a timeless design that will stay with you for a long time.
      • Veja Condor: The running shoe of the brand. Designed for optimal runner's performance, these kicks also cut a fine figure as sneakers for casual street style outfits.
      • Veja Rio-Branco: Sporty sneaker with retro vibes. The upper made of breathable mesh ensures a comfortable foot climate, while the studded rubber sole becomes a visual highlight.
      • Veja Urca: The minimalist sneaker with special details. The Veja Urca combines its uncomplicated upper design with the sole of the V-10 - for a touch of streetwear coolness.
      • Veja V-Lock: Practical design with feelgood flair: The Veja V-Lock does without laces and instead relies on the classic Velcro closure. A simple detail with fashionable top qualities.
      • Veja Roraima: Sneaker meets outdoor attitude. The Veja Roraima is a successful crossover of high-top kicks and the look of hiking boots - with metal eyelets and lace hooks for a next level silhouette.
      • Veja V-12: The mix of timelessness and oldschool flair. The V-12 works with decorative stitching reminiscent of trendy sneakers from the 90s. More discreet than the V-10, stylish in everyday life for timeless outfits.

    Also vegan sneakers Veja also has vegan sneakers at the start: some models are completely vegan, others - like the V-10 - have individual variants without leather. Instead, Veja again uses organic cotton, which is coated with a resin made from P.U., corn starch and castor oil. Veja calls this leather imitation C.W.L.: Cotton Worked as Leather - so if you're up for vegan kicks, look for the three letters in the model names.

    Veja for All: Buy sustainable sneakers for men and women in the Asphaltgold online store.

    No matter what you need, Veja has it. With vegan sneakers, trendy leather variants and sporty mesh kicks, the brand from France is now one of the global players in the shoe business. Fans of Veja also appreciate the selection of colors, which are always suitable for everyday wear with fresh pops of color to round off any outfit.

    Fair production conditions and sustainable raw materials are the be-all and end-all for Veja. Components such as rubber, organic cotton and recycled polyester protect the environment. Harmful substances and toxic materials are avoided wherever possible. If you buy Veja shoes, you can be sure that the sneakers have come a long way - all the way to the Asphaltgold online store. Discover our range of Veja shoes for men and women and test the quality of the timeless kicks yourself.

    Veja V 10 W Extra White Sahara Ouro
    Veja Campo Chrome Free Leather W Extra White Sun Peach
    Veja V 10 W Extra White Sahara Paros