Adidas Nite Jogger

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    The foundation for the success story of the new adidas Nite Jogger was laid back in 1976. Back then, adidas launched the world's first running shoe with reflective elements. The original idea was to make joggers more visible during their nighttime runs and thus provide more safety. What was intended as a purely functional element at the time has long since become a symbol of urban street style - and the central statement for the new Nite Jogger. Like its predecessor from the 70s, the shoe comes with reflective three stripes and additional reflectors in the heel area. The reflective laces complete the shiny look of the Nite Jogger. The upper is made of a combination of mesh and nylon ripstop and is complemented by various suede overlays. A retro tongue adds a vintage touch to an otherwise very contemporary shoe, allowing the vibe of the 70s to resonate in a subtle way. With its inside-out design and panelling of different upper materials, the new adidas Nite Jogger gets a futuristic and dynamic look and cuts a very good figure, especially on the street. The coherent overall package is rounded off by an ultra-comfortable BOOST sole and a heel clip, which is supposed to stabilize the heel while running. Another very interesting detail can be found on the outsole of the shoe. There is a mysterious message there, encoded in Morse code. Translated, this message means "Speed of Nite" - another nod to the original model from the 70s. This secret message almost sums up the entire design concept once again and gives the new Nite Jogger the final icing on the cake.