Reebok Classic

At the beginning of the 1980s Reebok grew rapidly as a company thanks to the aerobics boom. Their Ex-O-Fit, Princess and especially Freestyle Hi models were seen in all aerobics videos and TV programs, for example on the feet of Jane Fonda. Reebok’s last big hit in the running segment was with the Aztec. The Classic model was already on the market in 1983, but back then it did not come up to the high expectations of Reebok’s decision makers. Reebok stood out from the competition with its premium, butter-soft leather materials, and so the Reebok Classic was the first running shoe to be given the leather treatment of its fitness peers, setting it on its winning course. In 1983, the Reebok Classic Leather was one of the most expensive runner shoes around, which made it appealing to many celebrities of the 1980s. Since its first release almost 35 years ago, the CL style has acquired true classic status as a running sneaker and almost has to fight off would-be collaboration partners. After teaming up with the cosmetics label Face Stockholm, and also thanks to the collabs with Kendrick Lamar, the Reebok Classic is as popular as ever.


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