Nike Roshe

The Nike Roshe represents a completely new sneaker concept, which made a huge impact when it was launched in 2012. The designers dispensed with all superfluous materials with the aim of putting a sneaker into the running that was as minimalistic as possible, but still fit for every-day wear. They therefore decided to use an all-mesh upper which sits upon a voluminous but well sculpted EVA midsole that was unmistakably inspired by the Nike Free. Most Roshe models have a ribbed insole that will pleasantly stimulate the soles of your feet with every step. This simple and lightweight Nike sneaker is recently appearing in more elaborate configurations, for example flaunting the famous Nike Woven technology, with Dynamic Flywire applications or even no-sew seams using Nike’s proven Hyperfuse technique. In spite of its understatement the Nike Roshe is one of Nike’s greatest innovations in recent times and will be good for many more surprises to come.

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