Nike Air Pegasus

The mission begun in 1983 with the intention of uniting all the features of the Nike high-end models in an affordable running shoe for all runners has turned out to be, 30 years on, an absolute recipe for success and has made the Nike Air Pegasus the most-sold Nike running shoe and sneaker of all times. With its full Air cushioning and timeless, pared-down design, the Nike Air Pegasus has been continually updated down the years, giving us a wide selection of retro iterations to choose from today. The most significant annual editions of this running sneaker, whose name is borrowed from the saga of the winged-horse, no doubt include the original shape of 1983, the top seller of 1989 and the Pegasus 92 style stunner of the 1990s. As on the shoe’s 25th anniversary, Nike also presented a new version of this all-time classic to the fan community on the 30th anniversary of the Pegasus in the form of the Pegasus 83/30. As the name suggests, the 83/30 pays homage to the first Pegasus while boasting all the new features such as no-sew seams, fully-ventilated mesh and a sophisticated new midsole already seen on the Nike Air Solstice. Whether you are in search of tough performance footwear or need to make a confident style statement in the urban jungle, the Nike Air Pegasus series has the right shoe to suit any taste.

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