adidas Superstar

The adidas Superstar – the epitome of an icon! adidas launched the low-top version of the Pro model with its distinctive shell toe cap in 1986. However, the Superstar did not owe its worldwide breakthrough to being good for basketball courts, but to the hip-hop hotshots of the 1980s, RUN DMC. Darryl McDaniels - Joseph Simmons & Jam Master Jay sported the Superstar at practically all of their gigs and became the first hip-hop formation to boast a million-dollar contract with a sportswear label. Teamed with a tracksuit and leaving out the laces, this created a new gangster look that would influence the entire world of hip-hop. RUN DMC left the Three Stripes a further legacy with their song "My adidas" in which they expressed their reverence of the brand. Besides the white/black and black/white classic combos, the Superstar was repeatedly unboxed for other successful collaborations. For example, one of the most popular versions in collector circles is the first collaboration between adidas and the Japanese streetwear brand BAPE (a bathing ape). When Pharrell Williams was asked to re-interpret the Superstar in 2015, he created a fifty-color collection in a tonal, all-over look, which was yet another novelty in the sneaker world.

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