adidas Gazelle

The style classic of the early 1970s is back. Designed in 1965 in Herzogenaurach, this all-purpose training tool had its first moment of glory at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, where world-class swimmer Mark Spitz enthralled the audience and presented the Gazelle to the crowd after his races. Although this manner of product placement was not allowed at that time, it made the Gazelle generally very popular and contributed to its global success. Down the years the shoe was continually improved and revised. In 2016, the same materials, colors, structures, and proportions as used on the original were re-issued while preserving the original roots. One of its nicest features is the often-used, soft suede leather upper. The famous Three Stripes are a contrasting highlight on the uppers. The sleek design makes the adidas Gazelle a clean everyday shoe. With its wide color palette this retro classic really leaves nothing to be desired.

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