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    2018 was the year of the chunky sneaker. Few other models from Nike fit into this trend as well as the Nike M2K Tekno. Designed by Nike designer Jin Hong, the M2K Tekno pays homage to the Air Monarch 2 released in 2002, which is considered the quintessential dad shoe, as it was mainly seen on the feet of family men for the past 17 years, who appreciated its high level of comfort. When the hype around the chunky sneaker started in early 2017, it was decided to give the popular sneaker a new coat of paint. Today, we know the result as the M2K Tekno. Looking at the shoe a little closer, the resemblance to the Air Monarch 2 is unmistakable. The shoe takes various elements of its predecessor and reinterprets them in its own unique way. A thick chunky sole, multiple cleverly placed swooshes and an extra thick tongue make up the M2K Tekno. The M2K Tekno was first unveiled in early 2018 at a fashion show hosted by Designer John Elliott in New York. At that point, it already made the hearts of numerous sneakerheads and fashionistas beat faster. At the time of its worldwide release, the shoe was only available in smaller sizes, but since July 2018, big feet have also been able to enjoy the shoe.