Asics Gel-Kayano 14

In 1993 Asics celebrated the first release of the Gel-Kayano series, named after the designer Toshikazu Kayano. His own running needs are the main influence of the design and the result is a shoe which is great for jogging but also for indoor training. Inspired from the stability of exoscletons of bugs Kayano wanted to transfer this concept onto a sneaker. The combination of a boot construction and the use of the most progressive materials at the time ensured maximum functionality. Kayano's idea for the 1995 following Gel-Kayano 2 is also inspired from nature - this time the design is based on the mantis. Since then Asics is developing the Gel-Kayano series further every year. In 2020 Asics launched the 27th model! With the Gel-Kayano 13 Toshikazu Kayano finished his work on the Gel-Kayano series and passed the responsibility to new designers. Kayano couldn't envision his shoes aside the running track, but he was flattered to see the retros of his shoes as an important part of Asics lifestyle section. Collaborations with sneaker stores and streetwear brands enjoy great popularity. Asics has added reinterpreations to the series like the Gel-Kayano Evo and Gel-Kayano 5 360. The classic designs are redefined adding the newest technology of the brand. The Gel-Kayano 14, the first "Non-Toshikazu"- Kayano, is a huge milestone in the history of the Gel-Kayano series. The new release has the same midsole features and GEL absorbtion technology like the originals. Little adjustments were made in the fit. With this release Asics hits the current zeitgeist. The stacked leather and mesh mix is a typical trade of the increasingly popular millenial runners.