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It was in 1984 when a certain Michael Jeffrey Jordan had just finished his college basketball career and was drafted into the NBA by the Chicago Bulls, back then somewhat of a mediocre basketball team. Several outfitters at that time were interested in signing up the young talent, and Nike eventually got the deal, after which they worked with the Rookie of the Year-to-be on the design of his first Nike Air Jordan signature shoe – the Nike Air Jordan 1. When this shoe came on the market in 1985 in the Chicago Bulls colors, “His Airness” was already a firm member of the team, but a scandal was soon to flare up. The shoe went against the rule that every NBA team had to wear uniform colors during the game, so that Michael Jordan and Nike were each fined 5000 dollars for every game in which he stepped onto the court sporting the “Bred” colorway…which of course he did repeatedly. It was this attitude, paired with the unique skills of this exceptional player that drove media and public attention to unprecedented heights. The hype played right into Nike’s hands, so that from 1987 the company endeavored to launch a completely new model every season. By the time the Air Jordan III, designed by Tinker Hatfield, was introduced, basketball fans all over the world were eager to see what ground-breaking new design Michael Jordan would be wearing next when leading his Bulls to success after success. Fast-forward 30 years and the cult surrounding the brand is still as big as ever. Besides high-quality retro releases, the great master is now designing his own new models with other members of his team, including the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, or only recently with Russel Westbrook. So whether you are looking for a performance-geared or classic throwback style, Jordan Brand has the right kick for you!


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