Converse Women

The American tradition brand Converse can look back on a company history spanning more than 100 years. Established in 1908 by Marques Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, the company initially concentrated on the production of winterized footwear and vulcanized rubber tires. In 1917, the huge demand for sports shoes led to the introduction of a novel kind of shoe, which we now know as the Chuck Taylor All Star. After that, the brand’s success story was unstoppable. Over the course of the following decades, models such as the All Star or the Converse One Star became symbols of personal style sense and nonconformism as well as a fashion statement for entire generations. Today the Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most sold shoes of all times and Converse is an absolute cult brand. Converse sneakers are now a staple in numerous sub-cultures. Whether in the skater, punk or hip-hop communities, Converse sneakers always play a very prominent role. They still stand for rebellion today, but these days more in terms of fashion. Refusing to swim with the tide and staying true to oneself are the ideas behind the brand’s recipe for success. Models like the One Star or the classic Chucks come in numerous colorways and patterns, and with their minimalistic design look great paired with many different outfits. Whether classic colors like white and black or wild patterns – there’s something to suit every taste or occasion.

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