Asics Women

When anybody in the 21st century thinks of high-quality running shoes, ASICS is likely the brand that automatically comes to mind. But ASICS has not been around since yesterday. The brand’s history began way back in 1949, when the 31 year-old “salaryman” Kihachiro Onitsuka was convinced that sport could have a positive influence on the development of young people in his home city of Kobe. Taking that idea as an incentive, he set up the company ONITSUKA TIGER and began producing high-quality sneakers. Since 1977 the company has been operating under the brand name ASICS, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” – which in English translates to: “A sound mind in a sound body”. That saying has influenced the company’s philosophy up to the present day. The brand owes much of its success to the development of its GEL cushioning system, which came on the market back in 1986 and is still the basis for all new ASICS running shoes even today. In the sneaker community, the most popular models are the GEL-Lyte III and the GEL-Saga. The designer Ronnie Fieg and the two stores Patta Amsterdam and Atmos Tokyo have indelibly put their stamp on these two silhouettes. The GEL-Kayano first appeared on the scene in 1993. Its striking details and chunky sole perfectly reflect the style of the 1990s and noughties. Since its first release the GEL-Kayano has undergone a yearly facelift, delighting fans with reinterpretations of the iconic silhouette on a regular basis. The work that goes into the new Kayano models takes place behind the doors of the ASICS headquarters in Kobe, which is home to one of the most advanced running research centers in the world.

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