Fashion brand Soulland was found in Copenhagen in 2002 by Silas Adler. Having spent most of his youth on skateboards, the rebellious and creative scene sparked the motivation in Adler to establish his own outlet. Back then he drew inspiration from his own roots. Copenhagen is located on a Danish island called “Sjælland“ which translates to “Soulland”. Adler’s strong connection to his home is a fundamental part of Soulland’s identity. The collections represent typical Scandinavian craftsmanship and pay a lot of attention to detail. A mixture of high fashion, classic menswear and skate style all merge into a minimalistic result. All pieces are high quality in regard of design, material and manufacturing. Always ahead of his time, Adler combines Scandinavian minimalism with classic British design to create something completely new. Throughout the last years, Soulland managed to become one of the most sought-after brands worldwide. Big players like Nike SB or Lee Jeans took notice of Soulland’s rapid rise and got the label to release successful collaborations.

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