A.P.C. – Atelier de Production et de Création

A.P.C. was found in Paris in 1987 by designer Jean Touitou who is of Tunisian-French descent. The reason the contemporary brand, which is successful on a global scale nowdays, was launched is due to an accident. While travelling to Barcelona Touitou lost his suitcase and was forced to buy a whole new set of clothes. He recognized how difficult it was to find high quality raw denim jeans at that time. Touitou knew he had to do something about it and it didn’t take long until he released his first collection. Besides raw denim jeans the collection featured mainly men’s underwear. By now A.P.C. offers ready-to-wear collections for men and women that embrace the French style of design. Following a minimalist approach Touitou’s creations are inspired by everyday life: classic, timeless and chic. The name “A.P.C.” translates to “Atelier de Production et de Création“, highlighting the fact that production and creation are valued on equal terms. A.P.C. has gained a high reputation in the fashion world, runs about 70 boutiques all around the globe and realized collaborations with Nike, Carhartt WIP, JJJJound, Brain Dead, Kid Kudi and Kanye West.

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