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  • adidas NMD_S1: Exklusives Editorial mit Serge Gnabry


    With new resolutions we start into 2022 and leave the old year behind us! For a fresh start also provides the first upcoming heat release, because adidas provides us with a new edition of one of the most popular runners of all time. After the first drop in the fall of last year, which was only available exclusively through the adidas app, the NMD_S1 is now finally available for us as well. To take the release of the new silhouette to the next level, we have teamed up exclusively with adidas and professional footballer Serge Gnabry and staged the updated model in a contemporary way.

    Following the claim "Ever changing the future", we pick up on the constant change of the current age and want to set the impulse to keep moving forward while keeping our eyes on the future.

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    The futuristic runner comes across quite bold and extravagant in contrast to its OG - the NMD R1 PK, which gained great popularity especially in 2016 with its Boost sole and side plugs. Comfort is not sacrificed in this NMD either: The classic Boost unit is hidden behind a thick rubber sole in a semi-transparent look in this reinterpretation. Many small Trefoil logos attached to the sole of the sneaker provide an even more rougher look. Fans of the classic should be pleased that the upper is made of the typical and sock-like Primeknit and the lacing is also reminiscent of the original. The concrete gray upper is rounded out by the milky outsole and complemented with small logo details. Looking at the silhouette as a whole, you can see the artful interplay of different shapes, textures and design elements: the NMD_S1 absolutely convinces with its multidimensionality.

    To underline the many facets of the NMD_S1, we styled the Runner in a modern look with the versatile Serge Gnabry, who is also privately enthusiastic about styling and fashion culture, without missing the artistic claim of the model. If you look closely, you can see that the dimensions of the Runner are reflected in the set, symbolized by glass, concrete and lattice.

    In a conversation between our Marketing Director David Bastias and the fashion-savvy professional footballer, we talked about breaking new ground and captured why you shouldn't let setbacks drag you down and why sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to keep going. Below you can find the entire interview between Serge Gnabry and Asphaltgold.


    DAVID: You left for London when you were 16. A new environment also means making new contacts. How would you describe the Serge that everyone meets at the first meeting? Are there things that surprise your counterpart?

    SERGE: The most common reaction is always first of all that people somehow look at me differently or perceive me differently and then realize that I am actually quite a normal person after all. I try to approach everyone on an equal footing, that's always the most important thing when I meet new people. I want to give back the same respect that I demand. Most people wouldn't have thought before that you could talk to me so casually.

    DAVID: I can definitely confirm that, you're an easy-going guy!
    As a pro, you're on the road a lot, and of course you're always in a team, in keeping with your sport. That can probably be quite monotonous. Me-time is rather a rarity there. Are there situations in which you attach a lot of importance to privacy or do you always enjoy being in the public eye?

    SERGE: No, I only enjoy that on the court, off the court I like to have my privacy. Me-time and just being introspective is just as important to me. There's often a lot of hustle and bustle around me, a lot of tension, which is why it's important for me to take some time for myself, to relax and experience things that I enjoy, to spend time with friends and family, or to pursue other hobbies.

    DAVID: When you say you enjoy the attention of soccer, what do you enjoy about it?

    SERGE: I'm not a person who likes to be the center of attention. Admittedly: I don't always enjoy it. On the field, however, it's okay with me. When I play well, of course I'm happy to get praise. Off the court, however, I like to stay in the background.

    DAVID: You probably never have to introduce yourself anywhere and most people know you. Someone like Kanye West is walking around in Berlin with an all-over mask. What do you think about something like that? Can you relate to that in any way?

    SERGE: Well, because of the mask now everybody knows that it's Kanye. That's why I don't know if it made so much sense, but because of him it has become a trend again. But Kanye is also much more in the spotlight and I think that he also wants to hide his facial expressions, his mood under the mask. He is always under observation, cameras accompany him at every turn. That's certainly not always easy. That's why I can understand that.

    DAVID: You know we're sneaker retailers and we don't want to just ask deeper questions and since you're way ahead in fashion, what do you think are the top 3 most stylish athletes right now?

    SERGE: Definitely Héctor Bellerín and NFL player Stefon Diggs. Number 3 is not an athlete, but A$AP Rocky.

    DAVID: Very good answers. I would sign off that way. 2016 was kind of a turning point for you - I remember when you played at the Olympics and I thought to myself, "Rising star, he's going to make a big splash." You then moved to Bremen in the Bundesliga and said in the interview that it was one of the hardest decisions in your career. How do you generally deal with such pressure and challenges? How do you process such situations?

    SERGE: Phew, difficult to say. I think the most important thing about that decision was that I knew I had to get out and take a step back. It was hard for me because Arsenal is a club where I felt incredibly comfortable and on top of that we had a great team.

    When I moved to London at 16, it was a dream come true for me. I wanted to become a great player at Arsenal at some point. Honestly, though, it was hard for me because I didn't want to leave the place. London is a very pleasant city to live in.

    But it's important to be realistic and critical about what is and what can be when planning steps for the future. My motto is: just put everything in and then see what comes out. You never know beforehand how it will turn out, but you can try a lot to make it good.

    DAVID: And do you have a certain method how you manage to get new perspectives on certain situations?

    SERGE: It's important for me to really deal with things, to be open and to work on myself. That's usually how positivity comes about. That's the way I've found for myself and the one that has ultimately brought me forward.

    DAVID: When you say positivity, what does that mean?

    SERGE: If you know you put in a lot of work and did everything possible, then you can say you tried and did your best. If it then fails because of something else, then that's just the way life is sometimes. It's not always uphill. That's an important lesson I learned during my time at West Bromwich. I always gave everything there, even in training, but the coach just wasn't into me. It's an example of how there are things that are out of my control. Still, I learned a lot during that time and took away experience for the future, always kept going and eventually it got me back to the top.

    DAVID: You've had a very impressive career, you've been with a lot of top clubs, and friendships are bound to develop. You mentioned Héctor earlier and Joshua is also a good buddy of yours - who has influenced you the most in your career so far?

    SERGE: I've been shaped by a lot of people. I think what helped me the most was the seriousness of Per Mertesacker. Per often talked to me very directly and pushed me through that. I think there are many friendships where it just goes like that, but someone honestly telling you "Hey, tighten up now" is rather rare. And that's why it was Per that had the biggest impact on me.

    DAVID: And away from soccer? What would you say there?

    SERGE: Even away from soccer, I have a really deep friendship with Jo, in which we also discuss many very private and deep topics. We and also both our families have known each other for years, we spend a lot of time together and that's why he is my closest private contact.

    DAVID: Finally, a question that is of course of burning interest to us sneakerheads: Which sneaker is your all time favorite?

    SERGE: My all time favorite, I can't really say. But today I got the Predator 4D and it's really cool! Thanks adidas!

    DAVID: We have never seen it so stylish on the foot as today! Thank you very much, that's it.

    to the adidas NMD_S1 in our online store

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